Thursday, May 7, 2015

no shortage of simpletons in India media

Statement---India’s raucous political economy is nowhere near a consensus on the policy path ahead.

Answer---Every political party except the BJP has opposed the Land Ordinance.

Statement---But the reality is that the mandate was probably more a vote against corruption and inflation, the two evils promoted by the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance government, than a conclusive vote for a more positive agenda.

Answer---Were corruption and inflation PROMOTED by the UPA. Now, we move from the territory of a SIMPLETON to that of a FRAUDSTER.

Statement---He(narendra modi) also knows the poor can’t be left behind, but instead of wasteful subsidies and doles he wants to include them in the mainstream through innovative schemes like the Jan Dhan Yojana, the Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana and through direct cash transfers.

Answer---Here, the liar talks about WASTEFUL SUBSIDIES, if  that were the case narendra modi should have scrapped the scheme, right! Next, he talks about all we can say is BLOODY FALSHOOD-SPEAKING IDIOT, whose innovation is that?

Statement---India’s laws and regulations remain more suited to an old-fashioned socialist economy than a modern market economy

Answer---Here, the FALSEHOOD-PROPAGATING IDIOT gets the answer to the first above-mentioned statement of his.

Statement---However, if Mr. Gandhi thinks he can win the argument by promising a rural idyll, where 50 per cent of India’s workforce will continue to plough farms producing less than 15 per cent of GDP, he is wrong.

Answer---Now, it gets totally berserk.Does the simpleton not realise that the manufacturing corridor was initiated by the previous governement.

Statement---Mr. Gandhi must have a vision of his own to show how this can be done, which could be different from Mr. Modi’s

Answer---This is total madness now..what is the bloody vision that Narendra Modi has, except for a wholesale capitulation to crony capitalists.

Statement---If ever he comes to power on that kind of agenda, failure is guaranteed, just like it was for UPA-II.

Answer---This fellow calls himself an economist, but probably has not heard of a global recession from which there has not been a recovery anywhere, during the aftermath of which, India maintained a steady pace, neither facing the fear of crash landing or the reality of environmental degradation that has been faced by China. If there had been wholesale unemployment like in Spain and France, the simpleton can talk of failure. If there had been collapse of banks, like in the US, the simpleton can talk of failure, but yet he talks about failure.

Summary...If such is the quality of the economists we have, who have zero percent caliber to speak about things the way they actually are, we know why this country was misled into being managed by the most horrendously sickest prime ministers/rulers, any country could ever have found itself reeling under.

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