Saturday, April 8, 2017

Do the jains really know their religion?

According to the concept of Anekantavada that is a main tenet of Jainism, uncertainty is accepted, and it is postulated that any philosophy that claims to be the custodian of the absolute truth is false. Jainism itself was a product of its times, in combining different school of thoughts into Anekantavada.

In recent times, Jains have been seen taking an aggressive posture with regard to how society is to respond to Jain festivals. For Mahavir Jayanthi today, there is a closure of wine and meat shops in Tamilnadu. These aspects seem to be quite removed from the thinking and theories of Mahavira.

Mahavira was born in the Bihar of today, 2616 years ago, in 599 BC. He left his home in the year 569 BC, at the age of 30. He is said to have achieved omniscience twelve and a half years later, which would be 557-556 BC. The principle of uncertainty was given by him.

On the day of his death at the age of 72, his disciple Gautama Swami is said to have achieved omniscience. Among the chief aspects of Mahavira's teachings were that of not causing injury to animals as it would be an infringement of their dignity.

While the Jains of 2017 are vegetarian, the question that needs to be asked is whether they are really existing at the level that Mahavira advocated, with the other concepts such as Truthfulness and Restraint. Would the Jains ask for a ban on the consumption of meat by people of other beliefs if they followed the teachings of Mahavira with respect of restraint?

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The future history of the world(post-2017)

Christian State started out in Germany, Brahminic State wanted to replicate that model in India with the setting up of the RSS but could not make it as the Brahmins are a foreign minority in India.

Atheist State in the USSR and Atheist State in China were second, formed as a counter to the Christian State of the U.S. that had formed after the collapse of the first Christian State in Germany.

Jewish State was third, formed as a result of the oppression and killings of the Christian State in Germany, and with the support of the Christian State in the U.S.

Islamic State in Iran was fourth, formed as a result of the arrogance and domination of Jewish State and its supplier, the Christian State in the U.S.

Then came Buddhist State, in Sri Lanka, formed as a result of the wars between the Christian State in the U.S and the Atheist State in the USSR. The Islamic State in Afghanistan was also formed as a result of the war between the Christian State in the U.S and the Atheist State in the USSR.

Then, we had the Islamic State-Second Arm in Iraq and Syria, formed because of the Christian State in the U.S.

And then finally, we now have the Brahminic State in India, formed nearly 90 years after it organised itself for the purpose. This Brahminic State has some inputs from the Christian State in the U.S and its need to control the Atheist State in China.

As the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is going down,the original Islamic State in Iran is now back in action, probably tying up with the Atheist State in China. The Christian States of Europe and that in Russia and that in the U.S are all now fighting each other. There is also a new Islamic State in Turkey now, and a new Buddhist State in Burma too.

Brahminic State is now left in a limbo, after having used up all kinds of cheating, lying, criminality to form itself.

The long-dormant Hindu State that had been corrupted and infected by the Brahmin deathly virus, is going to rise up and show the world the way out of the wars that Christian States are having between themselves and the wars that the Islamic States are having between themselves.

The Atheist State in China is also headed to become a Christian State just like had happened to the Atheist State in the USSR.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Modi-The man who WORKS FOR FAILURE

Congress has refreshed itself, has evolved, and is ready for the challenges of the 21st century. But, there are many educated people out there, especially the youth, who like how they get everything instantly through the Apps on their smartphones, want jobs, development instantly. They think the way to do it is to have a person with a great amount of power, with a full level of control. So, what will this person then do?

Ideally, he will ask everyone working below him, to work fast, tirelessly, selflessly, and all of these people below him up to the MLAs will do exactly like that.

Then, comes the question of what is the work that is needed to be done? Ideally, you would expect improved educational institutions, improved focus on agriculture, and equal focus on industry.

What are the developments on the ground that you have seen with these two aspects?

The people expect this one person sitting on top to achieve everything!

The Congress has spoken clearly that it wants to build a system where all the people are involved.

So, if this one-person system that the people seem to want, does not work out, then the Congress is waiting to tell the people, we told you so, and is ready to step in to govern.

How to stop youth from falling in love(ideas for "upper castes")

For a man, the creative necessity is to independently attract a woman. This creative necessity is satisified by arranged marriage in a situation where a man has achieved through education or enterprise and is therefore able to get the hand of a woman from the same community. Here, the man is satisfied. If the arranged marriage is just because of the inherited status, the man is not satisfied and looks for other women outside of marriage.

For a woman, the creative necessity is to have independence in running the household and being able to enhance the financial security of the household through good administration and decision-making. This creative necessity is mostly satisfied in arranged marriage when a woman is able to play an active role in the decision making. If the arranged marriage is between established agricultural households, the woman is not satisfied as the status of an agricultural landlord is equivalent to a domination by the men, both of the labour force and the women in the house. To avoid such a situation, the woman will be naturally inclined towards a simple man where she can creatively contribute to the development of a household from scratch.

Hence, if the agriculturally prosperous people want to keep their women within their communities, they have to get down from the elevated position of controlling the labour force. They have to get the simplicity of being a dignified worker themselves. They also need to gain the education and the exposure to modern technologies. Then, there will be no inclination for the women to find emotional resonance in the simple and working classes, wherein there is scope for creative participation in the running of a family.

Preventing all of this is the manusmriti and the brahmin. The brahmin wrecks everything with their texts, rituals and religion. The brahmin is a curse on society.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Modi--the man with no mission

#Modi does not have any connection with society, as we have it, with some wealthy and established people, many people with settled lives, and huge number of people with day-to-day lives. His main phobia seems to be the wealthy and settled sections of people. He has used his power to unsettle them and he still cannot get over his pleasure at having done so. He has fed his feeling of success to many others, who also were thinking that some others were having more success which was not their rightful due. That is all.

Modi does not have any other plan. Obviously, he believes that he can continue to do what he has been doing for so long, even more better, with more revenues, and more operating cash.

So, what has he done in the last 2.5 years, the exact anniversary of which is tomorrow. He was sworn in on May 26, 2014.

He has increased the prices of essential medicines.

He has refused to reduce the price of petrol/diesel.

What is the signature move of Modi in the last 2.5 years?

He has continued with the base that has been built over the years. He has watched Indian satellites being launched.

Has Modi talked about the need to make our education system really great?

Has Modi talked about the need to reduce friction in the country?

He has announced schemes such as Make in India, Skill India, etc..These are all just continuations of the good-governance policies that have been in place in making India a great country.

Without doing the hard work that is needed to make real success, he has gone out and done this demonetisation, without thinking about the costs of his decision, and whether there will be enough benefits to outweigh the costs.

It looks like Modi did not like the country as it was, because it had nothing to do with him. He especially did not like the success of the people who had achieved all of their wealth without any reason to be thankful to him.

He knew that he had no idea to better the existing system. And so, he decided to destroy it. He knew he could find enough people to support him, for this is the country where 90 percent can be fooled by the 10 percent brahmins. You can trace Modi's decision-making to the way he has seen and the way he has become addicted to the brahmins and their domination of the minds of the people. He knows that the Indian people can be fooled at ease.

So, to make all his talk of India having seen no development in the last 70 years, into truth and fact, he has now created this magical trick, to make a reality for the people that it was indeed nothing at all for so long.

Now, the people will no longer be needed to believe that India really had nothing all along. Now, it is imprinted in their minds.

Now, all those who support Modi and all those who do not will live through the next three months and either confirm that India never had any development in the last 70 years or that Modi is a criminal monkey, a brahmin fundamentalist, and one of the biggest jokers in the history of this world.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The only solution to honour killing

The only solution for Honour Killing is to change the idea that a girl comes under the control of the husband and therefore the caste of the husband and therefore is completely lost to the parents.

If it is proclaimed that a girl will always be independent and will in no way be controlled either by the husband or by the caste to which the husband belongs, then the parents will not be as afraid or as threatened as they are in the thought that they are losing their girl forever and therefore their self-respect forever.

If they and the entire society accepts that the girl is as much if not more on the same level as a boy, then they will not have any fear of losing their girl. The girl is only herself engaged in finding a boy and is not getting trapped in any way into a situation where she cannot ever come out of. If the girl finds out that the boy is not suitable for her, then she can at anytime walk back to her parents.

Parents must teach their children about the suitable financial conditions for a marriage, instead of just waiting for the girl to fall in love, and then to use violence against their own girl, in the fear of losing her. If the children have some basic idea of what marriage involves, it will lead to a sub-conscious hesitation.

And after their instruction to the children, if the children fall in love, then the parents must accept it, that if either the boy or the girl make a mistake, they will have the power to walk out without any problem.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Swapan Dasgupta Phase II

He likes the current situation pf war-like walk and talk so much that he got mad when Sitaram Yechury said we must talk with Pakistan.

He thinks the current need is a cold war.

So, we will be shelling each other continuously, and if there is any terrorist attack on our camps, we will go in for surgical strikes.

Is that not war?

He said Yechury's asking for talks was a tacit criticism of the surgical strike.

He also said Pakistan will be reassured that the weak hindu is not going to change, as the surgical strikes would have suggested.

When there has not been a single criticism of the governmental move, at the level of political parties, what makes him thin that this is a criticism of the surgical strike.

Marya Shakil of CNNTV18 asked D.Raja whether Yechury had misread the people's mindset.

D.Raja replied that do not make your opinion into the opinion of the people.