Saturday, May 2, 2015

Did Vadra engage in spurious land deals

That is what Modi made people believe. If Modi did not make fools out of his followers and listeners, he has to show something on the Vadra front. It has been quite a while now since governments changed in Rajastan, Haryana and the Centre.

P.S. Radhakrishnan writes

There is an old saying on the plight of a man who gets bitten by a snake and later exposed to a scorpion sting! Rahul is like that,he is berserk and catches on any thing just to float on. The latest in the list is the Real estate issue , however,forgetting deliberately and cleverly the land grab case of Robert Vadra in Haryana and Rajastan. The cases are still live and the long of the law will reach him very soon. He picks up any thing to waste the Parliament time at the cost of the tax payers and some cronies project that as big events too.

EH says

What is proposed in a proposal - far away from becoming reality.
The 100 people he met are suffering due to actions and in-actions of his party for last 50+ years which allowed builder nexus to evovle. And he is using his failure to now blame a law - when he was not even in the parliament when the said law was introduced.
And then there is the story of Vadra. Even if you dont think there was any crime in Vadra making money by acquiring cheap farm land and selling to likes of DLF - you still have to admit he made 100s of crore of profit. Who do you think the builder will extract that money from?
If he is sincere, he should ask for SC monitored review of all land transactions to builders in last 10 years. Start at the source and work your way up. Let us really attack the root of the problem.
But we know he wont... so let us enjoy this drama now.

Prakash Gotimukul comments

This daily drama may be news feed for timesnow, ndtv, etc but does amuse the farmers, nor middle class or no class. We have seen enough of this family and its decietful ways. If he is really interested in doing some thing, then let his force his brother in law to return crores he has earned from DLF which is the largest builder. And he is talking about buyers of flat. Nothing will come out this. A man who copies from Ipads to write a paragragh cannot be leader. Cong is doomed if they project a lame horse like RaGa

There are some others who really believed that the country was in an awful mess during the UPA rule.

praveen says

I ask Rahul and the congress supporters that why farmers suffering were not seen during UPA rule. Farmers were dying in huge numbers under UPA rule, and how all of a sudden the blame of dying completely shifts to NDA led BJP?
The cunning love by the political party Congress has not helped the poor. If the poor in the country would have been cared then atleast they could have become lower middle class person. What is Rahul asking in land bill? The land bill is firstly not allowed in Parliament to discuss either.. or be shown amendments. Stalling proceedings and doing walk outs was only Congress is doing in parliament. If it is sincere it should have first admitted that farmers now are getting better compensation for crop loss, or when giving land for government. Why Congress could not compensate farmer better during their 10 year rule.? forget decades of rule.. The divide and rule policy has not yielded results in favour of Congress in 2014 general elections, so now all middle class is looking good..Kedarnath has become a place for Rahul where he feels ignited. I don't know why it is not called appeasing..we have a PM candidate in name of Rahul who cannot even express his views from heart to victims of nepal earth quake. It is not official words you write as sympathy. You can write your heart out. Even writing sympathy words Rahul needs text copy saved or sent into his mobile phone. This is condition of PM in making. Sadly these type of leaders are showcased and allowed for PM candidature. Happens only in India, sad.

S.N.singh says

Where was Rahul when UPA govt was in power for last ten years & was busy in promoting rampant corruption instigating gigantic scams which crippled life of millions of people by imposing galloping inflation. Now the people of country have ousted this party for corrupt & worst governance. The people of country now ensure CONGRESS MUKTA BHARAT. Only MODI GOVT has to act fast on corrupts of country who are responsible for looting this country in past 10 years. This action will ensure continuation of Modi as PM for another 15 years resulting in rapid progress of country leading to one of most powerful country of world. The people of country have no faith on such seasonal frog leaders who are surfacing at the time of elections only.

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