Thursday, October 1, 2015

Why does Netanyahu make an ass of himself, and possibly the Jewish people too?

Today, Benjamin Netanyahu said Iran wants to destroy Israel. He said Israel has been targeted by major empires, for over four millennia, and that Israel was around in the Assembly today(UNGA) while those empires were not.

Why does the braggart not know that Iran is an age-old civilisation? Because, he is so full of himself and the so-called achievements of the Jewish people that he is living in a fool's paradise.

The fellow has an enemy. He goes to town with his recrimination of the enemy. But surely, he himself is talking the same language that he is accusing the enemy of talking. He is telling that Israel will not be passive anymore. So, does that not mean that he is also talking the language of war and destruction.

How in hell can it be that everyone else is wrong while Israel alone is right? All the while having the U.S. as an ally as well.

As rightly pointed out in Al-Jazeera and CNN, the Israel of Netanyahu believes that it has done no wrong. How can that be a starting point? At least accept that you have problems with the settlements!

Unfortunately, the serious political platform is reduced to a sorry spectacle by Netanyahu.

So, is there a problem with Islamic fanaticism? All of the immediate neighbours of Israel  seem to have no major problems with Israel. If the Iranian theocracy is using Israel as a rallying point, it is a shame. But, is that not what politics is all about? Is that not why you have the latest defence weaponry, to keep the peace? Is such big talk also then just a part of the normal grandstanding, where one has to appear tough and talk big? So, this then is part of the political process. You need to express some bravado from time to time.

But, the only point that is not a part of normal processes is for Netanyahu to go back 4000 years and try to build up the Jews as some great achieving part of the people of the world.

They got dispersed and were always present in the major cultural and commercial centers of the world, thereby making full utilization of the technological achievements around the world. That is all. And, as they also made big money during the process, they were able to lobby well.

Iran has faced as much torment from major empires of the world. Iranians adapted with the times and took up Islam. They faced intervention from the U.S. and had to rely on Islam to see them over the extended conflict. They are now self-sufficient in many ways and have the right to own whatever weapon they choose to have. If Israel had continued with the process of normalisation that had begun with the peace with Egypt, they would have been in a different situation by now. But, with the actions in Lebanon in 1982, they made clear that they were not satisfied with what they had and that they were interested in expanding their nation further.

Now, if Iran wants to do the same, then Israel has to face up to it. Rather than trying to pretend that Israel is fighting the battle of the rest of the world.

You could have had peace. But, you blew it up. Now, you are trying to win support. But, the time is up. You sow what you reap. You are going to be faced with massive instability. What is the way out. Go and talk with Europe, China, Russia. Just get out of your lobbyists' support in the U.S. Live like the rest of the people. And do not bay for war. Lest it be thrust upon you.

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