Thursday, March 12, 2015

shekhar gupta is a joker

While he has a reputation of being a seasoned journalist, he has gone to the extent of believing that he is some kind of a wise elder. Which he is obviously not, by stating that Dr Manmohan Singh should have resigned from the job as prime minister in 2010.

This joker has no idea or appreciation of the fact that Dr Manmohan Singh provided 10 years of peaceful and stable governance in the country. During the decade from 2004 to 2014, the country was provided with a solid framework of legislation that ensured that development is broad based.

Based on the illogical and unbecoming act of a judge, the joker goes on to speak eloquently about why Dr Manmohan Singh should have resigned in 2010.

Considering that this joker is supposed to be one of the senior members of the journalistic fraternity, it is a clear sign that the Indian media is made up of a bunch of people who have no idea what the job is all about.

As a number of constitutional functionaries acted in a partisan and treacherous manner, the Indian media had no clue about this and proved itself to be unfit for the job.

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