Saturday, February 7, 2015

the bjp is being identified now for what it is, 9 months hence

Some people who thought the BJP was a good party worth the time are having the opposite opinions even before an year is over. here are some readers of the Hindustan Times.

Pranab Kiran Nath has made a detailed observation.

BJP: What
went wrong :
MODI has forgotten HINDUTVA. So BJP without HINDUTVA = CONGRESS. Why did people
vote for BJP then?
1. Wrong set
of ministers : Like UPA govt.
this BJP govt. also has Rajya Sabha Members holding very important ministries.
These ministers are rejected by people as
they have no understanding about ground
Should take senior BJP leader like Dr
Subramuniam Swamy as top misniter to ensure people's expectation is met.
People like Arun Jaitley who is from Delhi
and has no understanding about the ground realities is making laws and
financial policies.
He is lawyer by profession but is running the
finance ministry.
2. U-Turns :
Modi made several u-turns on election promises
a. Declassifying of govt. files related to
Modi is the PM of a country which got
freedom because of Netaji.
So Modi has shown outmost dis respect to the
great leader and freedom fighter.
b. Black Money: It is Supreme Court which has
taken steps and not by this govt.
No laws or policies to control generation of
black money.
No action against HASAN ALI.
No disclosure of Names.
c. Scams : This govt. has not acted against people whom
they have criticized during elections. No action on 2G, CWG, Coal gate,
Adarsh, National Hearal and so on. Selective approach for political mileage
(like Sharada scam).
voted for BJP so that they take action on Robert Badra, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul
Gandhi , P Chidambaram, MMS, A Raja and so on.
But Modi got it all wrong, he thinks that he
will not take actions as these are his personal issues.
3. Inflation : No
visible action to control inflation. No action against hoarders.
This govt is lucky that the crude oil prices
has plunged due to
a. The U.S. Oil Boom
b. Libya is Back
c. OPEC Infighting
d. Negative European Economic Outlook
e. Tepid Asian Demand.
4. Wrong
policies :
Labor policies: Govt. is planning to change labor laws to suit corporates.
Most of the policies are directed towards
helping the rich and not the poor class.
5. Diversionary
tactics : Swatch Bharat
is a good program but with an intention to keep the people busy so people does
not get time to notice govts misdeeds.
Bank Account: This will benefit the govt. to
manipulate statistics without doing anything and corporates to use the date to
market products.
6. Petroleum
prices : Crude oil
prices dropped by 60% but the price of petro dropped by only 16%.
Petrol price should ideally be around Rs30 to
Rs 33/ltr. This way govt. is giving windfall benefit to some companies which
are sponsoring BJP party.
7. Modi's
attitude : Modi
thinks that he is correct and is capable of taking correct decisions and does
not require the experience of people
who has build BJP party. People are no longer
ready to listen to his wild and hollow promises.
They are asking to deliver on promises that
he has made during last general election.
One man show and dependency in all parts of
the country is ruining the growth of the party.
8. Negative
campaign : BJP did a
very negative campaign in Delhi. Whether it is hawala/2cr or Fatwa charge.

Dewani19 has this thought.

Very simple.Delhi belongs to all religions,all colors of India,all faces of India.It is here where we say no Bihari,No Bengali,It is here where we do not ask to which religion you belong.It is here where we have amalgamation of all the better sides of India if not the best and it is here where we Aam Admi exist because of all this and it is here where a drastic change will take place which will be a beacon to all other states of India.Delhi Dil Walon Ki.

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