Monday, January 19, 2015

is shashi tharoor an unfit politician

he came in with a lot of promise. and he has not made any meaningful contribution. All that he is probably remembered for is the recent justification of Pythagoras theorem having been derived from an Indian source. When a hindutva comedian made this claim, Shashi Tharoor said he had made the link many years ago.

What does a guy with experience in the UN bring to the world of Indian politics. At the very least, he must have refrained from talking, and spoken with some doing.

But, he seemed to need his eloquence to be his signature and not any serious contribution in a manner that would have quietly built up his reputation.

he probably did not realise that he was starting afresh in politics, and that it was not a continuation of his previous career.

while the fools hour channel is a national disease, and shashi tharoor rightly castigated that channel, when it comes to politics, it seems that he has a lot of learning to do.

And, yet still, he is a sitting MP.

who is seen commending narendra modi on occasion.

This is unbelievable.

it seems that he does not yet understand that the people who voted for him had some other kinds of expectations, rather than going out and finding virtues in narendra modi.

In politics, you have to think hard, work hard, and come up with issues that people identify with. This is how the conversation is maintained with the masses.

It is not for an MP to go out and tell the people that someone else has done something which requires a positive observation.

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