Saturday, December 6, 2014

The collapse of media in India

It has been more than twenty years since the Indian economy was opened up. We have slowly created world-class institutions in the services, manufacturing, entertainment and to an extent in science and technology.

The one area where we have been stuck without any advancement is in the media.

While the traditional media companies are regularly featuring articles from The New York Times and other sources, the reverse does not seem to have happened until now.

Even within India, there are not many articles or shows which are recommended for their content by people interacting in the myriad languages of the sub-continent.

The model of emptiness has been retrieved for the Tamil audience by Puthiya Thalaimurai channel.

In English, the notable programmes are NDTV's documentary series and CNN-IBN's Citizen Journalist. Headlines Today has acquired respectability after the arrival of Karan Thapar.

In print, Outlook was the first magazine which instilled a new quality into the sphere while Tehelka took it in a new direction.

Overall, the quality of people in the industry has not probably improved because the companies are not focusing on quality but on sensationalism.

In this period, the CAG and the supreme court judges, ak ganguly and gs singhvi, characters like anna hazare and narendra modi, parties like aam aadmi party, have all had their fill.

Now, that the tamasha seems to be dying down, there is a bit of introspection, and some sobering down.

Some articles like those of P.Sainath were a good contribution towards policy making but caught up in the trap of 2g, the entire system went into meltdown.

People like MJ Akbar even joined the emerging hoopla while those like Vinod Mehta did what was absolutely easy to do, and went along with the charade that the Congress government was corrupt and inefficient.

There were no nuances. And now, they have got a PM and a government which do not have any nuances.

The new government is entirely useless and utterly idiotic.

Let us see when these people get back to sanity.

reaching to be a world-class institution is ruled out for now.

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