Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Is Democracy losing its dynamism

Why do we need elections with expenditure of hundreds of crores. We can finish it all with a few tens of lakhs. Make a Poll of Polls with all the forecasting companies and get it over with.

There is no anti-incumbency for shivaraj singh chouhan and raman singh. But, there is anti-incumbency for ashok gehlot and sheila dixit.

why is that so?

the answer is clear. with people like shivaraj singh and raman singh, politics is quiet. The noise of democracy is kept subdued. People seem to have the idea that things are fine. There is no voice against the cm like there is in karnataka, for example. if some people want siddaramaiah replaced, it does not mean that he is a non-performing cm. that is how democracy works. but, with shivaraj singh, ramn singh, narendra modi, there is no such dissension. The people are lulled into believing that things are fine. Gujarat has been shown to be behind many other states while having been hyped up so much. where are madhya pradesh and chattisgarh in the rankings? did we have any development schemes like that of the rajastan government? These states seem to have preferred stagnation instead of the vibrancy of democracy.

The entrenched classes seem to be dominating the political result. That is, if the exit polls have accurately captured the results.

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