Saturday, November 30, 2013

Rajastan Elections

Johnson Thomas K says

You will be biting your nails for sure as you are paid media! But please don't be too harsh on your nails though! As regards the voters of Rajasthan they will show the crony Congress government the door emphatically> Please read the writing on the wall because we can see through the commie mind set of our whoring media! Calling a spade a spade is journalism. This drivel you have here packaged as journalism is what we call mouthpiece, paid media, in house publication and the like

aj says

Why tooth and nail fight?? The author intentionally trying to divide the votes.
It is very simple - just look what congress delivered at any level from village to city to state to nation as a whole.
Besides poverty, inflation, scams where is the progress? How many new bridges, roads constructed?
Where are the jobs for the youth?
They were busy looting the country in the last 10 years or should say 65 years.
So, it is very simple, voters should/would go for the party which chooses development vs corruption. It is as simple.

aj also says

What goes around, comes around too. Corrupt party tried their best to put Modi down every which way they could, But now they don't see any light at the end of the tunnel. All they are seeing is their demise.
All desh premi should remember the hurdles created by the congress to slow down Modi, to implicate him before going to the polls. Squeeze the corrupt party in the polling booth forever. That will be the best service you could for your motherland, and good for your karmas too

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