Thursday, February 6, 2014

With the BJP, you get fooled and finished

A victim of the bjp called aaditya tomar says

Fake killing ,fake terrorist ,Fake investigation ..Fake is a word which can be used for congress .I can't believe they can go up to this cheap leavel of poltics and demorlize this agency just to stop modi ..These officer must be awarded for their proactive action ..anyway create propaganda ..will show our strength in 2014 election ..           

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MAK says

Why did Lashkar call them as martyrs? Why would an unmarried muslim girl roam around to different cities as married couple with her boss named Javed. The places they visited were not honeymoon spots either.Is it imaginable in any muslim family in India? Congi politicians are the worst scum in the world. Had this happened in Maharashtra , the police would have been awarded. Poor police men paying the price for Congi frustration.           

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