Tuesday, August 27, 2013

They Know Better

The Indian people generally trust their leaders to know better.

but, there are some who act and live contrary.

hewre they are.

first,from yahoo.


Sivan Pillai says

When people take up challenges, they gain confidence and get a feeling that they can achieve more. Over a period the mind and intellect of such people will develop. When a lot of people of a country develop this way, the country achieve progress and prosperity. On the contrary if people are depressed and sit lazy, the mind and intellect of such people will shrink. Standing in line for a lot of time and getting limited food grains at cheaper rates, sitting tired and lazy afterwards with a feeling that some food grain is available, over a period, this system is going to create inferiority complex and retardation in a lot of people. The mind and intellect of such people will shrink and when it happens to some percentage of population of a country, that country don't develop.
Twenty years back when I gave my ration card to the servant maid, she refused it. She said that she has to stand in line for long period and by the time line reaches close to the shop, the shopkeeper will say, stock is exhausted. The fact is that a major part of grains has gone into black market. The black marketers are mostly local congress politicians.
Ultimately a lot of tax payers money will go towards subsidy, a part of this subsidy will go to local congress politicians through black marketing, another part of this subsidy will go towards leaders through over invoicing etc . Condition of the poorest of people will be worse, as their quota of grains is reduced.
Congress people want to keep this country poor and undeveloped so that they can remain in power and loot the country.So, sad that none of the politicians from opposition took objection to this food security bill.


Now, moving on to readers of The Hindu 


Radhai Ram says

What a drama being played ! Subsidize all expenses of so called poor? Many
are much above BPL norms and yet continue to get benefits, thanks to bad
system of definition and determination. Give best access to education and
skills to make a decent living standing on own legs - that would make them
confident and self dependent - this type of schemes will promote laziness
and lot of money will get wasted, partly through cover up publicity by
Govt officials operating scheme, partly by Party Bosses of rural areas !
Better to concentrate on economic uplift rather than freebies concessions!


Gautam says


Good. Now India will become a nation of people who are unemployed,
uneducated and only produce more children. 


Varadan Swamy says


Every one in this country who is physically normal and fit must be
made to work to earn his/her living. If you give anything for free, it
will lose its own value and it will not add any value to the society
either. There are plenty of fertile lands spread out through out the
country which are just lying idle. All the state governments can
identify such lands which no body owns or uses and lease it out to
poor people freely and provide the Infrastructure, training and raw
materials needed for cultivating. The output can be shared between the
Poor people and the government. This will ensure that such people are
made to grow their own food and shelter (basic living) rather than
they migrating to cities and landing up as beggars. By giving anything
free, the government are making more beggars rather than uplifting the
social status of the people. They can also grow many trees and
greenery across the country so that nature will bring in more rains
and in turn improving the agriculture yield


Suvojit Dutta says


Another route to loot the country and massive corruption, with the
intended beneficiaries being the ultimate losers. We already have a
public distribution system which is corruption ridden and wastage prone.
Instead of correcting the existing system they impose another burden on
the already indebted nation. These people have to answer to the future
generations for their misdeeds and theft of nation's wealth.


Rahul says


Another bill just for votes. When the economy is on the verge of
cracking, there is no need for this food security bill. This country is
doomed. Laws and bills are made for politician satisfaction and power.
This bill will only fill the pockets of middlemen and politicians. But
can't expect much.




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