Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How Simple

A person called Elumalai writes in Yahoo

Most of the politicians are CORRUPT ; but KARUNANITHI is a TRAITOR and a symbol of shame(AVAMAANA CHINNAM) for human race.?
The entire world countries maintained a conspicuous SILENCE when GENOCIDE of TAMILS was executed by SINHALA CHAUNISTS in SRILANKA with the help from INDIA China,russia. Though we are advanced in science, we are STILL CANNIBALS IN MIND?.
Different yardsticks of UNITED NATIONS ASSEMBLY is a testimony to prove that WE ,THE WORLD AS WHOLE is YET to CIVILISE...?..!

It seems that the sri lankan army waged a war against innocent unarmed civilians. It seems that the unarmed Tamil civilians were constantly sending sos s to the Tamilnadu government asking the Tamil NAdu governemnt to intervene, AND THAT THE TAMIL NADU GOVERNMENT NEGLECTED THE SOS S.


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