Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Sad stories in India

Mayank Sharma (Baroda, Guajrat, Best Place to live in India) writes n Times of India

"Highway, Road, Power, Clean water, industrial growth, agricultural growth, which delivered by Modi is unbeatable by anybody in Indian History. "

Purush Vichaar from New York with 50 followers writes

"Mulla ji aap toh yeh bayan baazi rehne hi doh. Behtar hoga ki aapke rajya main aayee baad se pidit logon ke liye kuch kijiye. Kam se kam dua toh milegi. Waise mulla ji sau choohe khakar billi haj ko chali wali baat ke hai aapne."

Vijay D from Toronto says

"Mr. Mulayam when come time of finding out who is the most illiterate and corrupt politician in the world I think you would be ranked number 1. you have ruled the state of UP for so long why don't you sit back and analyze as to what growth or development you have achieved and then comment about Modi. all you have achieved is illiteracy, rapes, extortion, bribery, illegal Bangladeshi immigrants for your votes. if I were you I would commit suicide. How can you wake up every morning and look yourself in the mirror."

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