Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ishrat Jahan

Our citizens are recording themselves into history

NS Rajaram says

The CBI has little credibility left. Its 'charge sheet' is a fantastic conspiracy theory that compares favorably with other conspiracy theories like the one about the 9/11 attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon being a conspiracy by the Bush Administration to start a war against Islam. 

The truth is the Congress, which for all practical purposes is a Sonia Parivar, is paranoid about Narendra Modi believing it cannot win an election against him. So it is coming up with these tricks to remove him without elections.

Mittal says

Every crime has a motive. Unfortunately, our 'premier' investigative agency CBI (without successfully closing any high profile cases in memorable future) has failed to cite the motive for this so-called 'fake encounter.' CBI is both the investigator and the judge here - it has given its verdict without waiting for the court to go through the evidences and pronounce its judgement. I'm sure our super sleuths will put Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot to shame!!

Suvojit Dutta says

Stop this politically motivated witch-hunt. Those killed were known 
terrorists as per Hindu's own investigation report at the time 
(Praveen Swami article). NO wonder India gets hit by terrorist attack 
after other. These CBI 'investigations' at the behest of its political 
masters in Delhi are all to get Modi, we know it. Modi kept Gujarat 
safe unlike Mumbai or Delhi or Hyderabad, he did so by not worrying 
about political correctness of his admin security measures. How many 
cases of corruption by the ruling party did CBI solve so far! Yes its 
masters want to divert attention from the massive scams and corruption 
cases by focusing on ways to get Modi by hook or crook.

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