Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The world, in new delhi, 2011 Ad

For Raj Singh, violence would have been a daily happening. Living single, in a packed locality, a bachelor will quite possibly face some encounter with some one that results in violence or an aggressive threat. The bachelor with nothing to return to in his village, or who possibly knows that there is no major requirement from family back home for the money that he earns, will turn out to be the one that stands out.

odd jobs are easy to find in the big city. some are enough to cover for a silent existence, providing rent, food, the occasional movie and 1 or 2 thousand for the family in the village.

some jobs provide a daily payoff, a 500 to a 1000 daily, which is earned in a highly competitive and crowded environment. here, the person will encounter the worst behaviour in human beings, from fellow workers, rival entities and their workers, government officials, cops and every other person will have to be lived with. a person in such a job will eventually start feeling ownership of the city, an urban king, with a palace to retire to, albeit a ghetto or a small one. however, home is there, money is there, booze and drugs are there, and sex is there. it is a heady feeling. and in an atmosphere where prostitution is no longer confined to a red-light area, but available and procured in malls and limousines, there is no sense of society or state or country.

it is the city. it is money. it is power. killing happens. bribing happens. power happens.

the rich and famous move around in their german and japanese automobiles, getting the best in bars, pubs, call girls and farmhouses. life is just great.

everyone in the middle class wants to earn more and more and more. they will eventually have to buy a car, buy designer clothes, get hair cut for 1000 rupees, eat ice cream for 1000 rupees, watch movies for 1000 rupees, buy clothes for 2000 rupees. without doing all of this, life is impossible. in the office, it is the dressing, the accessory, the automobile, the weekend, that defines a person.

for the bachelors in the middle class, those earning 50,000 and above, a call girl is readily available on the net, for 10,000. those who get introduced to this world have the best of cinema-style outings.

it is the new economy. and it is the service sector.

everybody is after the money, and the good life, which inevitably stops at the call-girl.

the politician's son, the policeman, the government official, all of them want this life.

and bollywood whets their appetite with sunny leone.

it is all available. only a lunatic will not go after this.

violence is a part of the attribute of the city.

when an unsuspecting young girl from a village walks into this world, the bus manned by five people of the working class, who are all drunk, nothing can prevent them from utilising the power.

the young girl was severely unlucky.

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