Tuesday, December 25, 2012

what do the people in the other India do?

the females all around them are having attitude, flaunting accessories and lifestyles, smoking drinking and partying with aplomb. the men in their corporate existences have a chance to date and woo these chic ladies. the ladies in a corporate career wear the clothes of the filmstars of bollywood, and drive the cars that bollywood characters drive in the movies. the young and educated travel to goa, and even to thailand. they have made it and are enjoying their lives.

what do the men and women in the other India do when they see the successes of the corporate and multinational companies, going around in the same societies where they have to work through the week for 10,000 - 15,000. that is where they are going to remain. they can in most probability never aspire for a bollywood-style life.

what will happen when these two Indias meet, and there is an argument, and either of the two sides or both sides have had some drinks?

the one thing that has to be looked at is what do the men do when they see a woman wearing westernized clothing in a normal environment such as a street?

it is obvious that the attire will stand out in the context. the lady might be going to a party in a different environment such as a hotel. it might be a corporate get-together. in corporate settings, confidence is a big asset, and a female who can carry westernized attire is the personification of confidence.

not everyone lives in closed neighbourhoods.

the corporate and the traditional India have to meet on a daily basis. It is time that both realize that the other is also just like them.

all the young people must begin to acknowledge that there is a big country and there is violence, on a caste, religious and ethnic basis, daily, in some corner of the big country.

and nothing can allow an individual who wants to be a superstar/leader and a group of people grouped under a party which obstructs parliament.

it is time to realize that development of a superhero leader and obstruction of parliament are acts of violence. in this vast country, when there is violence in the name of religion, and when a few individuals use violence in the name of the others, then what it means is that the divide between the two Indias will keep getting wider.

there was a philosophy of one group that afflicted this big country. that philosophy of creating divides is at the heart of the divides that we are witnessing today.

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