Tuesday, January 8, 2013

again, an idiot, H Raja now, on Puthiya thalaimurai

this fellow said that vajpayee stated that he (vajpayee) accepted ambedkar smriti, just as there was acceptance for a manusmriti earlier.

what this fellow, h raja, said was that various kings promulgated various smritis. hence, there is no point in talking about the various smritis of the earlier kings.

if ever there was a disingenuous person in this world, it has to be this fellow, H Raja.

did any king ever in the history of this world push any of his citizens into a status of 'untouchable'.

there is only one bastard in the history of this world, as far as i know, who codified  a law that accorded exalted status to one group, while at the same time, according ' untouchable' status to another group.

the whites in south africa and the whites in the USA practised segregation. but they never ever attempted to convert the natives or their workforce to a status of 'untouchable.'

today, we have a fellow amongst us, going by the name of H raja, trying to pass this law of the bastard manu as just another attempt at law, like various rulers and various attempts at law-making.

what this fellow fails to portray, and as a result, fails as a human being, making his life a waste of time, is that only the most diseased and perverted human being will have a hatred so big that he will attempt to turn a section of the population into an 'untouchable' status.

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