Monday, February 4, 2013

Who Laid India Waste?Who was the first religious terrorist?

There was a ruler. He came under the influence of a set of priests/people. Under the influence of this set, the king stipulated that he would not allow anyone who does not acknowledge the texts held by the priests, to exist.

This King was the first oppressor of the Indian people. This King began the stifling and the throttling of the thought processes of the people. This King initiated the process of the laying into waste of the Indian subcontinent.

From then on, the people lost their ability to improve, improvise and innovate.

The other peoples of the world went on with their normal existence and made progress.


"""He advises Bharata not to have any interaction with those who do not believe in the sastras. Their knowledge is opposed to truth as they disregard the ordained tradition and accepted beliefs.

They can create an impression of being capable and learned with their seemingly clever arguments and influence people to reject the sastras."""

This King was elevated into a god by the brahmins. 

The evil grip on the subcontinent is still trying to get a death-grip on the people. now, this evil has assembled under the name of RSS/BJP/Hindutva.

The real evil will soon be eliminated, centuries after it began depicting the good as evil, centuries after it began burning an effigy of the good king, centuries after it murdered the greatest king.

the evil has been rearing its head up until now.

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