Tuesday, November 13, 2012

where murderers seek to rule the roost, again

In India, a culture propagated by the brahmins has killed innumerable people by creating divides.

this culture has killed the spirit of scientific enquiry.

this culture has killed the talent of economic policy.

this culture has killed the discipline of military strategy.

this culture has killed the simplicity of the people.

this culture has killed the fearlessness implicit in a courageous people.

this culture has been making attempts through much of the last century to regain a full rapture of the people and continues to make the quest as of today.

why do the people not understand that this culture propagated by the brahmins has desecrated their whole universe of achievement.

if the people do not realise soon, then what has happened to the eelam tamils might happen here too. if you are allowing yourselves to be diseased and bereft of the spirit of thought of unity and humanity, then, very soon, the equivalent of the buddhists in sri lanka, which can be seen in the maoists here, will brutally take over.

if we want to celebrate diwali, without any idea of what it is, it means we are long dead.


 The wealthy, says Adam Smith, spend their days establishing an “economy of greatness,” one founded on “luxury and caprice” and fueled by “the gratification of their own vain and insatiable desires.

In spite of such ways of the wealthy, how did the west progress?

they were not unlucky to have amongst them some diseased thinkers who attempted to conjure up a divine sanction for the wealthy to stay wealthy.

they were lucky to have thinkers such as this.


for how long will we lament our ill luck in having to host the brahmins. when will we finally get over them while also bringing the medicine to these fellow diseased human beings.

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