Wednesday, November 14, 2012

some times of india readers on 2g auction

ryan from mumbai in times of india Nonsense logic you follow. A beautiful girl who lost her parents was living with a guardian. When the girl became ready for marriage, the corrupt guardian, instead of finding a suitable match, made her to marry an old rich man, after getting money from the rich man. Everyone criticized the move and opined that the guardian should have found a better match for the girl as many eligible young bachelors would have come forward to propose to marry her as she was beautiful. The guardian, unable to bear the criticism, after many years, when the girl became old, asked the girl to divorce the current husband, and searched for new alliance for the girl. This time, the young bachelors who came forward to propose to marry her did not come again. Only old men proposed to marry her as a second wife. Now the guardian shouted from the rooftop that his earlier decision was correct and only an old man was suitable to the girl.  sreeram from delhi cannot trust kapil sibal as telecom minister has done something with help of businessmen. businessmen has all reasons to exploit and follow Congress corrupt practises to prove Supreme Court is wrong and cheat indian public. Cannot recall a single instance where businessmen has shown humanitarian consideration or followed good ethics, save for Tata.  justdoit2003 from usa I suspect a very systematic form of corruption, where Congress may have conspired with the private companies not to bid high so that the govt can prove its point of zero-loss, making a complete fool of CAG on one hand and also slap the court for cancelling the licenses. Congress gets supremacy on none other than the Supreme Court apart from an independent constitutional body.  mukeshjnu from delhi 
As expected, the government has proven they can compromise on the country's growth but they won't allow the image of their party to be tarnished. This 2g bid was an orchestrated show of Congress which they played only to prove a point that there was no loss to the exchequer. However, the twist in the tale is they must have asked the bidders to stay away from the fray. There is no reason why Airtel or Vodafone will get 1 circle each. Congress is desperate to make a point that they have not done any corruption, but they have done another one just to prove they didn't do any. 

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