Monday, November 12, 2012

Times Of India Readers Far more Knowledgeable Than The Hindu's

Manch from BLR says,

A classic example of how "Corporate Mafia" is working with "Political Mafia" to subvert interests of common people... Their point is we have already paid the (illegal) "FEES" to United Plunderers Alliance (UPA), now why we are charged again to pay a "LEGAL" fees this time?  krishna from bareilly says This is an Illegal cartelisation and high level Illegal collision among telecom companies and further to reduced the credibility of CAG because the CAG apprehened loss 1.8 lacs carores and government & telecom companies want to reduced the prices much much below the loss quoted.   soma visal from chennai says Will there be an appeal at the SC by Sibal & Co confirming zero loss theory and seek a closure report on 2G case? she also saysSure there is some nexus between the netas and the corporates. Total cartelisation to fool the Nation and revert to 2008 prices, thus giving a clean chit to Raja etc and challenging the CAG.  Rama from delhi says CAG Vinod Rai should be impeached by parliament for playing with Indian economy for last 2-3 years. BJP should be punished for being hand-in-glove with CAG by de-recognized the party for 2 years. CAG should be made 3-member body so that stupids like Vinod Rai don't take nation for ride.   shikha from delhi replies to rama you need psychiatric help, seriously.   amar from germany says, Easy solution for all the telecom operators. Don't bid. The unused spectrum will most probably go to BSNL for "free". The operators can then go for a spectrum sharing agreement with BSNL, and get it for much cheaper price. No one buys BSNL SIM anyways. It will be a win-win.  mthusain from dubai says CAG will bring the customers? He thinks government is charging very low  swordfish from seoul says Do you guys know that IT parks and SEZs in India are exempted from tax? I think CAG should also find the presumptive loss (in terms of tax forgone) of all IT parks and SEZs and quote a funny number. This presumptive loss should be splashed all over the media. Let us see the thamsha          

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