Thursday, November 15, 2012

the questions are endless

1) Why only 35 spectrums are sold when SC asked for all 122? 2) Why only 8 companies bid and not more than 100 which were ready in 2008? 3) Why in 2008 spectrums were easily resold by companies who got it from the govt six-ten times the cost and not now? 4) Who will bid for 2MBwhen established companies who have 10-15MB are there? 5) Why auction base price was kept so high after 4 years, with 3G already auctioned? 6) Why the auction was not done as per SC directives and now another loss of govt is being used to hide 2G and Coalgate estimates? It is SCAM over a SCAM...this govt takes us for granted.  yaar I dont know complex calculations... but here is very simple analysis of mine... there are around 40 cr users. ppl in urban areas use mobile alot and rural india must be moderate if nt extravagant.....suppose on an average we spent Rs.10 every day on mobile.... for a day total collection by all the companies will be around 40cr *10 =400 cr..... for a year it will be 400cr*365 = 146000 cr... a money which can be acquired by users within 1 year....any small business even opening a tapri will not recover cost in 1 yr.... how come they are not bidding well.... seems something is going wrong terribly.... even my assumption of daily 10 rs use is modest Isnt there a good possibility that the government and the operators colluded to prove the precise point they are speaking now? This govt and the congress just cant be trusted. They can go to any length to prove their point and causing loss of a tens of thousands of crores that belongs to the people just doesnt matter for them. Current auction is controlled and manipulated by congi to prove wrong CAG. India has over 1.4 billion population and monthly rental on phone itself is huge. Lets say total phone connection is .5billion then lets say minimum phone bill is Rs500 then .5x500=Rs250billion per month. Phone bills ranges from 500-5000. Then there are other revenue like broadband etc, sms, prepaid, hosting, data center... Lets starts free and fair auction it will fetch more than 1.76 lac crore. Congi corrupt can go to any extent to prove their point. Dear CAG, Please re-calculate and give the figure what this doggie want. I think he has got some new mathematical formulas to get the correct figures. He is the smartest person in this Universe and all others may be fools ( but not his parents, that is sure. ). To my readers, is there anyway to pack this stupid from this world????  Diggy & maunmohan are an idiot & so is UPA,has been proven beyond doubt by recent auction.While the govt got 9250 crs in 2008 for 122 circles,they got 9450 crs for 21 circles in 2012,in what was a lukewarm response.The loot which UPA indulged in is self evident in nos.Imagine the loss to exchequer for selling 2G in 2008 at 2001 prices...they have plundered the nation all the while. This was expected from a dumb person. I bought x company's car seat. Those were recalled later on. So I bought other company's car seat next time. First company cannot claim that as part of their revenue estimates. Similarly auction of 2g spectrum if current auction did not attract CAG estimated amount is because of diffetent market conditions and different players in the market between now and then. Congress has always tried to mislead people with such obviously stupid statements.      

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