Friday, November 16, 2012

The Truth,The Twisted and The Hang-On

The Truth comes from The Times Of India.

The Twisted opinion comes from The Hindu.

The Nowhere editorial comes from The New Indian Express.

The Times of India is confident about itself and its market position. It speaks facts.

The Hindu is paranoid and fixated on delivering what its 300,000 readers supposedly want. It can't afford to lose this 300,000 as it has not been able to get newer readers. If it cannot retain its traditional 300,000, then its trajectory becomes wretched. Some of the 300,000 were just waiting for such a reassurance that not all is lost. The editor would have spent quite a lot of time in fashioning this case for his clientele. The fellow has no way of knowing the proportion of his clientele who are able to think by themselves. hence, the fellow plays it safe and positions himself at the extreme end. For, he has all to lose, if the 300,000 start trickling away.

The New Indian Express is going nowhere. It will serve something near about 200,000 people. These are the ones who like swamy gurumurthy and konraad elst. So, it just delivers a standard opinion that does itself no harm or good. This fellow has no necessity to try hard to make a case. The bland statement is enough. In a way, this fellow has the best position. Nothing to lose.his 200,000 are not going anywhere. they know that once in a month, swamy, gurumurthy, or the equivalent of a koenraad elst will come along. ensuring that is the job of the editor.

All the three editors are involved in the game of capitalism, and hence would have a clear idea of the mass murder that was committed by the CAG on the people of our country. Due to varying states of their position in the market, their opinion is packaged accordingly.

What is the final summary.

These papers are items of Time Pass. Which all of us will patronise as long as there is nothing offensive to our state of existence. A popular opinion evolves and spreads across the population, completely unrelated to the pretensions of media, especially those who pretend that they are somehow elevated from the rest.

A serious newspaper headed by a serious editor comes out with analytic articles. this is meritorious journalism. the fourth pillar of democracy.

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