Thursday, November 15, 2012

Its time for THE reality check

krishnaswamy from chennai---It is a SAD day in the history of Judiciary. A criminal who cheated the nation to the tune of Rs 175000 Crores is let off without hanging. Commom man will loose faith in Judiciary if Raja likes people walk freely in the streets. Now Raja will be thinking how much more Crore he will loot in the next 1 or 2w Years. He will be begging PM to give him Minister post so that he can loot many more crores before goin g into Jail again. God save India


the show has ended. now, it is time for us to find out who is repentant and who thrives on falsehood. we shall see what the editors of newspapers write tomorrow.

the electronic media does not have the potential for soul-searching. 

they are condemned to be scam-searching, and as a result, scum-searching.

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