Wednesday, November 14, 2012

some readers of economic times on 2g auction

hiren parikh from mumbai Where are all those 0000000000000000 CAG, Anna and Kejriwal were talking about? Auctions will only ensure high costs for consumers in power, telecom, etc. India is a nation of idiots. People with absolutely no knowledge of economics will have followers. One can add any number of 00000 which will ultimately come from consumers pockets. I would prefer A Raja whose policy at least ensured low telecom tariffs for consumers. The future economies will be based on low telecom and broadband tariffs. An important enabler of broadband revolution- 3G failed because it only ensured enrichment of government coffers and with no thought on economics of telecom industry and users. On Diwali, I pray to God to save us from these civil society people who are trying to dictate economic policies.   harshall bhatt from mumbai This was more valuable spectrum as conditions have been liberalised. Where is CAG and SC??  hitesh baxi from mumbai Requesting Government of India to send Kejriwal, with full perks and fat salary plus one or two NGOs, on deputation to Pakistan as expert on Oil and Gas, coal, nuclear power, telecom, taxation, Lokpal (sorry janlokpal), defence, all and sundry problems, etc etc. THIS WILL ALONE DESTROY PAKISTAN. India will save 0000000000000 Crores on defence (CAG Report!!!!).  samy from tanjore The loss due to auction ie Rs 1,68,000 crores( 1,78,0000 crores-10,000 crores) has to be recovered from the CAG with interest from 2008.   mercury from ottawa replies to samy You should realize the fact that it's been 4 years after the scam. there was no strong 3G base that time. now, we that 4G is coming up, 2G spectrum value got eroded. If there was auction that time, Govt would have really made huge money if not 1.78 Lakh Crores.  dipu from india replies to mercury So companies would have paid 1.76 lakh crores in 2008 for spectrum that would have no value in 2012 as the technology would get outdated? You must be crazy as CAG.  vbsravi from bangalore Now it is interesting to see the remaining amount 1.67 cores will be paid by CAG or SC or Media  satish sharma from mumbai replies to vbsravi WHO WILL PAY FOR PARLIAMENT STALLED FOR 6 SESSIONS?   

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