Friday, November 9, 2012

Judge GS Singhvi continues the comedy track

If ever at all, there was a joke in the history of our country, it is this, it is this, it is this.

"You are required to put spectrum of all 22 service areas cancelled by us on auction",

we cancelled it, dudes, remember that.

that s what the emperors are saying.

what do we have here, we ve got a failure to realise that brains are to be used. and that frolic cannot be had when it results in 1000 million people paying up for it.

after the mass murderer vinod rai began the comedy of tragedies,

gs singhvi and asok kumar ganguly wanted to get into the business of comedy, just for the heck for it, even for some fame probably.

asok kumar ganguly spoke about tendulkar after delivering the judgement and left the scene.

now, we have the new team of G S Singhvi and K S Radhakrishanan. the comedy carries on. it is a comedy for the performers and a tragedy for the audience, 1000 million and more for them.

the performers were at it day before yesterday.

"Allegations prima facie indicate a nexus. Six applications were filed for grant of spectrum but there was a deliberate delay in taking the decision. When the party sold [Aircel] licence was granted.”

what are these guys.

they are emperors. happy-go-lucky. loving the frolic.

who is going to finally state that the  emperors have no clothes.

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