Friday, November 9, 2012

violence against dalits in dharmapuri

Rajan says in The Hindu

When the rest of the country was looking at the caste division in the society from the Dalit Vs
Non Dalit perspective, Periyar and his followers made it Brahmin Vs Non Brahmin issue in
TN. Though the DK, DMK and other organizations used phrases like Social justice,
rationalism, etc they never addressed the Dalit Vs BC/OBC and instead blamed
"Brahminism" for all faults. In Kerala, Sri Narayana Guru uplifted the Eezhavas in a much
more harmonious manner. It is time this issue is solved in a more harmonious manner rather
than using rhetorical statements or militant hatred campaign against particular communities.

Kris replies to rajan

Rajan, do not link this idiotic incident to justify your views. Every one, elites or otherwise, is
practising caste. Some groups hide, some others show up shamelessly. Caste is
predominant everywhere, jobs, education, marriages in particular. Keralites are the most
caste sensitive state. Every politician shamelessly flaunts his caste name In our country.
Tamil Nadu is one percent better, here, caste is flaunted in body and face, at least not as a
surname. Given a choice, I suggest that village should be deprived of power, public transport
etc. Govt cannot change people as its very foundation is caste votes.

one guy called Commentspaper says

The Hindu cannot even tell what the caste names are. Do you want to
protect your dravidian party funders? This is the most intellectually
dishonest paper ever.

In the hindustan times, a guy called babu bajrangi says

In Hinduism low cast can not marry the upper cast, any such violation can trigger same kind of reaction, It is history, culture and religion.

on, sachin rane says

In dravidian style, i can say it is non brahamins fight that is in Tamilnadu style it is BC vs SC, but dravidian party like DMK,DK is unnecssirily take brahamins, actually brahamins are the quiet caste no unneceeiry quarrel with anybody, since brahamins are calm, these DK,DMK People unnecrririly drag brahamin community name, since they are harmless.
because of taking more non veg food, people have animals, that is dravidian barbarian class

sachin rane also says

tamilnadu brahamins are equal to Kashmir pandits and gujarat riots affected persons, such a level brahamins had faced in TN, for 40 years, now only tamilnadu people realized their mistake of harasshing brahamins in the past.

R swaminathan says,Brahmins are not the so called oppressor, they are the oppressed even more than Dalits in TN.It is the intermediate castes led by DMK who do these atrocities.They also get reservations which must stop.Brahmins must be given fair deal.  

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