Friday, November 9, 2012

jwala gutta saved the day

when you want to see the news at 5 pm in english, you want to know what is happening around the country. you would not want to see a lunatic.

times now, ndtv and cnn-ibn were airing footage of a lunatic speaking.

headlines today was showing an interview with jwala gutta where she was alleging favouritism by gopichand.

after watching the interview, I could return and check what the other three were showing, at around 5.15 pm. the news began at 5.15 pm on times now, ndtv and cnn-ibn.

Jwala Gutta lived up to her reputation and looked young and cool. She is probably thinking of opening her own academy.

turns out that it is Jwala Gutta who has chinese genes.

I had earlier thought that it was Saina who had the chinese connection.

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