Tuesday, October 9, 2012

yahoo users on robert vadra

bamboo shoots writes:
It is so unfortunate that the oldest Political Party in the country today is being run by people whose rightful place is the dirtiest gutter in the country. Till it was Nehru and Indira, there was a feeling that an Indian is running the country with some amount of morals and a sence of patriotism for the country and loyalty to the people.
Today what we have is a bunch of hybrid fair skinned cosmopolitan "gang of four" who have no feelings for the future of the country. The only objective being to be in power. 
Wadhera, as his name is, is the son of a shady small time bussinessman for whom Priyanka fell. The looks of his face are no different to those of a vegetable vendor in the mandi.
By asking for documentry proof they are making a fool of themselves, because documentry evidence will emanate after a probe. The politicians of the Congress Party and allies have got a Green signal from Sonia to plunder the country. They are so fortunate to have got a faithful pack of dogs like Salman Khurshed, Tiwari, Renuka Choudhry, Diggy, Jayanti Natrajan etc etc. By coming on television and supporting Sonia and Wadhera wont help, because those days to fool the nation have long gone. The next elections should undoubtedly be their doom.
As for Salman Khurshed, it will be good for his health if he ceases to be so vociforously offensive and personal against Kejriwal, else he should come out in the open I promise there wont be a single bone in his body left intact.

True replies:
Do the BPL families on whose vote the congress relies understand these issues? Do they have the knowledge and time to think about these realities. The Congress is effectively killing their minds and thought process by the following means.

1. Congress is making people lazy by providing them rice/wheat at Rs. 2/KG via the Public distribution system. Why would any BPL family not be in your favour when you feed them this cheap?
2. Congress govt is providing employment guarantee for atleast 200 days a year under the rural employment guarantee scheme. They pay around 200 Rs per day and hence these BPL families are guaranteed to earn and eat for the rest of the year. This is an indirect way of distributing the money among their voters and that too from public coffers.
3. They give away free liquor/money/phones/clothes/tvs etc. to these BPL families during the elections. Why would these people not vote for congress? Congress relies heavily on these votes. Set aside the 30% minority vote bank.

When the people above poverty line come out in full numbers and vote, the course of this country will definitely change.

aryaman writes:

A brilliant article written some time ago...please read it...i am not the author..just copy pasting material available in open sources on the internet...
“”A beautiful Invitation from Dr. Subramanya Swami”"

Dr. Subramanya Swami calls on the Hindus to unite:
The Hindus are under siege today and to resist this siege they first need unity, said Dr Subramanya Swami former Union Minister.

Speaking at a meeting of the Hindu saints in Mumbai recently, Dr Swamy said “We Hindus are under siege today, and we do not know it !! That is, what is truly alarming is that Hindu society could be dissembled today without much protest since we have been lulled or lost the capacity to think collectively as Hindus.

To resist this siege, he said, we first need Hindu unity. Numbers [of those claiming to be adherents to Hinduism] do not matter in today’s information society.It is the durability and clarity of the Hindu mindset of those who unite that matters in the forging of an instrument to fight this creeping danger.
In 1947, temporal power was defacto restored to the Hindu majority. But the Indian state formally adopted secularism, which concept however was never properly defined or debated. For example, it left vague what an Indian’s connection was with the nation’s Hindu past and legacy. In the name of secularism, it was taboo for a public servant even to break a coconut or light a oil lamp to inaugurate an official function on the ground that religious symbols must not invade public life. Such orthodoxy was promoted by Jawarharlal Nehru and his Leftist advisers.

But then government took over supervision of temples, legislated on Hindu personal laws, and regulated religious festivals, but kept aloof from the Muslim and Christain Religious affairs.The secularism principle was foisted on As a result, the renaissance that had begun in the late nineteenth century to redefine the Hindu identity [in contemporary terms and norms valid in a pluralistic society], was aborted by the confusion thus created in Hindu minds by a vaguely understood concept of secularism.

Electoral politics further confounded the issues arising out of secularism, and hence the Indian society became gradually and increasingly fragmented in outlook and of confused perspective. Hindu society became divided by caste that became increasingly mutually antagonistic. Attempts were made through falsification in history texts adopted for curriculum in the education system to disconnect and disinherit the contemporary Indian from the past glory of Hindu India. The intrinsic Hindu unity was sought to be undone by legitimizing such bogus concepts as Aryan-Dravidian racial divide theory, or that India as a concept never existed till the British imperialists put it together, or that Indians have always been ruled by invaders from abroad. Incidentally, the Aryan-Dravidian myth has now been exploded by modern research on DNA of Indians and Europeans conducted by Professor C. Panse and other scholars.....
to be continued.....keep following this article...jai hind

aryaman writes part 2

Part 2...

Modern India was sought to be portrayed by foreign interests through this curriculum as a discontinuity in history and as a new entity much as are today’s Greece, Egypt or Iraq. That curriculum is largely intact today. On the contrary efforts are afoot to bolster the disparagement of our past in the new dispensation today. A rudderless India, disconnected from her past has, as a consequence, become a fertile field for religious poachers and neo-imperialists from abroad who paint India as a mosaic of immigrants much like a crowd on a platform in a railway junction. That is, it is clandestinely propagated that India has belonged to those who forcibly occupied it. This is the theme around which the Islamic fundamentalists and fraud Christian crusaders are again at work, much as they were a thousand years ago, but of course in new dispensations, sophistication, and media forms. Thus the concept of intrinsic Hindu unity, and India’s Hindu foundation are dangerously under challenge by these forces. Tragically most Hindus today are not even cognizant of it.

The challenge today confronting Hindus is however much more difficult to meet than was earlier in history because the forces at work to erode and undermine Hindu faith, unlike before, are unseen, clandestine, pernicious,deceptive but most of all sophisticated and media-savvy. Tragically therefore, a much more educated and larger numbers of Hindus have been unwittingly co-opted in this sinister conspiracy directed by foreigners who have no love for India and who also see much as Lord Macauley saw in the nineteenth century, that the hoary Hindu foundation of India is a stumbling block for the furtherance of their nefarious perfidious game.

Adherence to Hinduism is also being sought to be diluted in the name of modernity and this dilution is made a norm of secularism. Religion, it is advocated, is personal. To be a good Hindu today is conceptually being reduced to just praying, piety, visiting temples, and celebrating religious festivals. The concept of a collective Hindu mindset is being ridiculed as chauvinist and retrograde, even fundamentalist.

The concept of a corporate Hindu unity and identity however is that of a collective mindset that identifies us with a motherland from the Himalayas to the Indian Ocean and it’s glorious past, and the concomitant resolve of it’s representative leadership defined as “chakravartin” earlier by Chanakya, to defend that vision. It is this concept and resolve that is being discarded or is just evaporating under the onslaught of the Nehruvian secularists.

However pious a Hindu becomes, however prosperous Hindu temples become from doting devotees’ offerings, when the nation is in danger it is this collective mindset of the people that matters, and not the piety of the individual in that collective.

Hindu society today lacking a cohesive corporate identity, is thus in the process of becoming fragmented, and hence increasingly in disarray. This fission process is on simultaneously with the reality of millions of Hindus who go to temples regularly or walk to Sabarimalai or participate in Kumbh Mela.

final part in part 3....



Capt. Ajit Vadakayil said...

we Indians do know of wadhera family from Sialkot, and what their culture and trade was .
Robert is a wannabe gora sahib. Lekin pickle ka bhaans hamesha aayega Wadhera bhia!
This weird looking , akkal ka dushman, with a funny hairdo got himself a style icon trophy for 2011.
Suggest you run away from India before 2014 elections.
There WILL be a proper investigation into your ill gotten millions.
NDTV and CNN IBN cant save you.
Poor priyanka, bad choice!
Punch into google search --
Capt ajit vadakayil

samurai said...

captain...good for you that youve got some thing of a cause. but im afraid it is a hopeless cause. do you know how many of your fellow indians are registered members of the Indian National Congress. if it is ill-gotten, prove it, or you run the risk of becoming a part of a horde that talks loud and big but does not know our country. do you know our country. I am not defending corruption, but then, you cannot grow in politics by throwing muck, which barely sticks.

samurai said...

weird looking????????is he human or what????????????chandragupta maurya married the daughter of seleucus I nicator. true or false..but our vadra seems to be of purely Indian origin...are you?