Monday, October 15, 2012

yahoo users on salman khurshid

om says,

I feel ashmed when Manish Tiwari and other corgress spokesman talked and defend their dishonest coleague in TV

A yahoo user replies to om

Mr.Om, you can read their faces when they defend their ministers. It is very clearly shows that one thief is defending other thief with unwanted logic.

rajesh chaudhary says

1.This congress stooge is not worth the cost of the investigation, the charges are true,otherwise they would not be jumping up and down so much.
2.Where is rest of the barking dog brigade? except NDTV(the italian-in-indian-saries Private channel)all others are screaming for his chair,now its up to the italian mafia gang.

Brave Man replies to rajesh

Dog Diggy has already started barking on this issue. I have seen in today's news paper.

Ram writes
Whom do you try to hoodwink by such pseudo bravado, Mr. Khurshid? You are an active member of the most corrupt government India has ever had. You and your cronies will never resign even if your crimes are proved. Leeches never leave on their own; they are plucked off and burned alive.

veeramani.s writes
Yes, he knows well of India legal process - by that time no one will ever know abouit him when the judgement comes. India is agreat nation for looters...come and loot.

parul writes
Corruption has spread like an epidemic, lowering the image of India throughout the world. We demand a probe into alleged under-valuing of properties purchased in Goa by union Law Minister Salman Khurshid.One apartment is 110 square metres, the other is 102 square metres, and he has claimed that they were purchased by his father-in-law in Khurshid's wife's name for a price of Rs 4,29,200 and Rs 3,94,400, respectively.Can one expect a flat in Colangute at this price? Calangute, being one of the hottest property markets in Goa. This is another feather in the Hat of Corruption of the UPA Ministry.

krishnaswamy writes
Khurshid you ara a shameless creature. You not only cheated and fabricated false reports to safeguard you. No Indian will believe what you say. Your PM may have faith on you as he is also another fraud allowing scam after scam to take place and therby keep the tradition of congress ( To Loot the Public Money ) in tact. Both ypurself and Vadra must be arrested . You both do not deserve any sympathy from anyone.

Welcome writes
Mr. Khurshid you claim to be from Oxford University and do not want talk to a man of street. First of all I may say that all Oxford returns are not the wise men. Regarding street, do you know the meaning of street? When you were to be born your mother might have used the sadak to reach a Nursing Home to deliver you, You went to school through a sadak, to played on sadak and in every moment of your life you might have used sadak. You did not go to school on air, or to Oxford University on air, you never went to Parliament on air, your vehicle had used the sadak to take you to the Parliament or to your residence. Also do not forget when a person dies, his dead body has to be carried through sadak to the shamshan ghaat or burial place and not taken on air. This word sadak has a very significant role in the life of a man. Great men also did not speak like you while treating the public as sadak chhap. Have you any certificate of not being use\ing the sadak?

bharat hamara hai writes
Salman was under frustration of Caught red handed in cheating then how can he overcome that was the reason,just foolish act by this Italian slave

kabeer dev writes
Mr.Khurshid---We all know that u have judiciaries and Congress Bachao Investigation under your armpit..and after all HC/SC/appelate authorities are family men who cant mess with your mafias and and other congi pigs will not leave politics unless an enraged mob burns out and assaults your residences...and i guess that is the only way out to deal with your looters..whether it be UPA or any damn political party,the solution is to adopt the "Rang-De-Basanti" Movie formulae...send a few of them where Rajeev and Indira Priyadrashini Nehru/gandhi are waiting for them so that they can laugh at the treatment which they will recieve by the hands of Yamraaja...

Sun writes
‘ve an Idea, we all should joins to congress party and will ask our corruption queen Sonia to distribute the looted money to party members. At least we will get back our looted money in this way. Soniaji is it ok for you? pl reply.

Sun writes
Do anybody knows why Sonia is not taking any action on corruption ministers ( salman Kurshid, chiddu, kanimozi, Raja,kalmadi, Dr MMS …etc) ? Because all that looted money deposited in the SONIA GANDHI SWISS BANK accounts. Hence all the culprits are boldly telling that they didn’t do any mistake. As an Indians they won’t loot Indian money, but the Italian bar girl looting India, so she is can’t take any action.

dasarathi j says
There is a mystery in this scam. I cant believe a congress minister would be allowing forgery of govt officials for a meagre Rs 70 lacs Secondly India Today which was once anti BJP suddenly has started targetting congress What is the real truth

chandan j replies to dasarathi
70 Lakhs , I know of a congress minister who steals Rs 50/- ALSO !!!!! and taking Rs 5/- as bribe too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shashi writes
these crooked ministers rarely leave proof as they r highly experienced in siphoning public funds for donkey's years(now could'nt even leave poor/disabled peoples money) shame shame

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