Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Good Work By The Chinese People, May They Live Long

The Chinese Government, which has no way of existing with the resources that exist within its country, has gone down on its knees to meet the Sri Lankan Government, which is also on its knees.

These two entities have decided that there is no way of a dignified existence with the resources at their disposal. Hence, they have decided to get into an embrace.

And, after their embrace, they have decided that they are no longer human beings. The existence as human beings had failed them, hence they have decided to revert to their earlier existence as animals.

Having failed to live as honourable human beings, let us see that at least as animals, these two entities, especially the sri lankan entity, manages to survive.


The rest of the human fraternity is looking on, in a dilemna whether they also should turn into animals, as it seems to be better that way, instead of being imprisoned as humans, and needing to respect each other.

The world at large, seems to be turning back, into an animal existence, that seems to be more satisfying.

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