Monday, September 3, 2012

Its Time To Grow Up, Urban And Middle Class India!

Everybody who has benefited from the economic growth of the last decade must also now begin to start thinking about current affairs and politics.

The youth of the country who are currently probably happy singing,' jo mere ho woh tera hai' have to put their education to some use. They are happy with some specialization that gets them a salary, and have no idea that the world is there for the learning.

Come the weekend, they take their automobiles, and visit the latest mall, movie, party, destination. Monday, they are back at their specialization.

All this is fine while the economy holds up. There might be a time when the economy falters, and when the income shrinks, or the job is lost.

If such a time comes up, then the EMIs will still have to be paid, and liquidity will not be easy to come by.

Or there might be a time when there is a war, or a riot, that shatters the cool existence of the two-day weekend.

Instead of getting pitchforked brutally into such a rude state, it is better to start paying attention to the current affairs of the country.

What that entails is not outsourcing the ability to think to some entity such as the CAG, or people such as Kejriwal and Bhushan.

It might be fashionable to be the rats following these pied pipers, but it will never, even for a solitary second, ever be remotely enough to fulfill the role of a responsible citizen.

In the absence of real engagement with the issues of the day, Urban and Middle Class India is being spat upon and defiled by the CAG and people such as Kejriwal and Bhushan.

It is the whole country of 1 billion plus people that is being murdered, but the ones that are being really ravaged are the ones who are supposedly educated and connected.

If the CAG, Kejriwal and Bhushan knew that their audience thinks reflects and ponders, calculates analyses and queries, then would the entity and the two characters be making sick jokes out of an audience and a country.

The people are being mocked and desecrated, they are being defiled and destroyed. They are proving to History and Time that 'Here was a country of people who did not summon the time and inclination to think but who were too much in love with pizzas, bollywood, hollywood, favorite gods, vacations at hill stations, long drives in excellent highways etc.

Here are a people who have lost the ability to think about business, growth, production, manufacturing, taxes, economy, revenues etc.

Some of them do technical analysis and talk about support and resistance. Some of them talk about software and hardware jobs. Some of them use accounting software. Some of them sell and market. Some of them design and build. Some of them make ads.

Beneath them, there is the whole country, that grows, labours, cleans, digs, washes, stitches, polishes, repairs and services. This whole country lives unpretentiously.

But, the ones that are really having the best time are the ones who are failing the country. It is now or never for them.

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