Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Why does the United States need India to break up

The United States Of America has embarked on a mission to become a super-controller of the globe. In the middle-east, the USA  has started contriving and aiding rebellions and regime changes.

With regard to India, the USA  might be thinking along the lines of splitting the country. Instability is good for business, would be the thinking.

The strategy would be to systematically target the Indian National Congress, which is the only cohesive political formation in the country.

Bastards like Kejriwal, Bedi, Bhushan, and the electronic media are roped in for the contract, without any idea of the nature of the job they have undertaken or maybe with the idea.

A broken up India would be too good to be true for American companies, and for the government too, as it would facilitate setting up bases all over the country, and set up the launching pad for targeting the last prize on the radar of the Americans, which would be China.

Then, Russia would become the odd man out in a world strategically embraced by the USA. American software will rule the world, American finance will be all over the place, in a global structure, with headquarters in Washington.

That is the plan.

Going forward with it, the electronic media was today seen covering a fool, while parliament is in session, and the issues faced by the people are being raised and debated.

For the bastards of the electronic media, it was the fool that was important.

Employing bastards like kejriwal, bedi and bhushan might be a good strategy for the Americans, but if they think that everything can be steered according to their plans, then they are forgetting history.

Having a hint of this plan, China has been setting up its own covert operations, with the moral and possibly material support to the Maoists.

The two superpowers seem to have decided that India will be where they wage their war of wits. Pakistan has become more or less totally controlled by the Americans, while China has set roots in Sri Lanka.

Russia seems to be in an alliance with China.

The people of India, meanwhile, have no idea that they are being led to destruction and chaos, and forget that they hold the reins of a monumental democracy, one that is time immemorial, and was going well and strong, until the brahmins corrupted and wrecked the sub-continent.

the organisations of the brahmins seem to have bought into this quest of the Americans, slowly and surely shedding any political activity, and lining up behind the dummies orchestrated by the Americans.

As far as Sri Lanka goes, it seems to have been given the go-by by the Americans, as they look to break up the far-bigger prize of India, after which Sri Lanka will be a puny piece of territory, far removed from the Chinese territory, just as the East Indies were for the Japanese.

The way that the world is functioning at the present time, is that weapons and war represent the only means to bolster trade and growth.

It is not the way that the world needs to function, as can be seen in the trade relations between the Tamil land and the Roman Empire two thousand years back.

However, the present-day corporate style of business seeks to keep improving earnings and revenues, quarter after quarter, year after year.

Having become accustomed to this lifestyle, the Americans plan to keep their corporate growth story ongoing by breaking up the rest of the world into small pockets, that cannot exist without the software that has been created by the Americans.

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