Friday, August 17, 2012

how did a people full of life, vigour, sense and reason get into an embrace with a corpse

The people of the land were doing well until the people with a book came in and crushed their spirit. About two thousand years or more later, the people of the land have summoned a resolve to rid themselves of their curse.

what do the people of the land do? they work on the land, are humble, welcoming, do not have reason to feel threatened, have their morals in their brains-not written in a book, have a sense of the divine, are in awe and alliance with nature, know the various moods of nature, are in a close relationship with the wind, water, earth, fire and ether, worship and thank the sun, love the fruits of labour, etc..

what do the people with a book do? they are insular, want to think that they are special, do not have their morals in their brains, have a sense of the power of a god, are in awe of themselves and alliance with whoever subscribes to their text, have no sense or relationship with nature, do not know what labour is.

does a human being with a brain need to be told about the way to live. does not a human being with parents and clan know the way to live by observing his/her parents and grandparents.

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