Monday, August 13, 2012

what does humanity do when confronted by slime

after a war that ravaged for three decades, one side gained a victory. The deaths of thousands in the war would have made the victor understand and realise the need for remaking the situation that caused the cataclysm.

that is what normal human beings do.

what does slime do?

it decides to remake the situation so that the other side is never able to fight for itself ever again.

what does the rest of the world do?

they talk about getting the victor to move in the right direction. in the meanwhile, the victor is allowed to pretend that since it is all about victory, there is no urgency about the matter.

what do those who share umbilical bonds with the other side do?

one sunny evening in Chennai, they gathered in the thousands, in a congregation of the simple ones, and resolved to ask a government, in the second rung directly above them, to move to the third and highest rung of government, and get this world rung to allow the other side to decide for themselves about their future, whether they want to stay together with the victorious side, that is led by a group of slime.

among these simple ones in humanity, there are some who did not like or want this congregation, as they themselves have a desire to be at the helm of such a congregation. hence, they mocked the simple ones.

and among the people who ended up on the losing side, are some who will never learn to look inwards and contemplate, but who want to spew venom at their umbilical relations that are moving to help them.

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