Thursday, August 9, 2012

what kind of a country do we want to be

do we want to be a country of educated, informed, balanced people.


do we want to be a country of wasted-educated, crap-informed, unbalanced people.

If it is the former, we will be building libraries all over the country, like the Anna Centenary Library, listening to Parliament, and suggesting improvements to the system.

If it is the latter, we will be accepting the reports churned out by the CAG, reading unintelligent editorials of the beggar-like media, and listening to Kejriwal, Bedi, Bhushan and Ramdev.

The former will have pleasant lives, while the latter will be contorting themselves shouting about Congi pigs and sickularism.

The former will have a brotherly attitude to their fellow countrymen, while the latter will have hatred and insecurity in their minds and hearts.

While it is the former that is a brute majority in our country, the latter make a noise that is unbecoming of their inconsequential status.

Do we allow ourselves to bear the noise anymore, or do we start counselling these noise-makers.

The counselling must begin with LK Advani, and every single member of the BJP.

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