Thursday, August 9, 2012

what disease afflicts siddharth varadarajan

the poor fellow has revealed that he is pedestrian, and gainfully afflicted with foot-in-mouth disease, defined as the habit of making inappropriate statements.

out of 10 comments for the article, two people have sought to drum some sense into the bozo, kaushik mehta, and tv sivakumaran.

however, the remaining eight prefer to remain uneducated and correspondingly loud and proud about it.

siddharth varadarajan, if he is to maintain sales, get his salary, and live peacefully, has to cater to the remaining eight.

any notion of talking sense is no more possible.

this is the stark truth of capitalism.

and then, characters like kejriwal and bhushan will come along and lead these uneducated tragedies.

why is our country stable.

the answer is that only about 1 million out of the 1000 million people living here read newspapers like The Hindu and watch channels like Times Now, NDTV, CNN IBN, Headlines Today.

The noise that the one million uneducated tragedies make will either make one laugh or cry.

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