Saturday, August 25, 2012

the cowardice of siddharth varadarajan

For this guy, the CAG is the avatar of the creator. whatever the CAG says is the divine gospel.

Such a spineless character such as Siddharth Varadarajan can never have been seen at the helm of any newspaper.

The Hindu is down to the capacity to do anything now.

These cowards are rootless and were going as long as they had no competition, running a decent newspaper, which all of us respected.

Now, with competition, the Hindu is feeling the hopelessness of its rootlessness.

In its heyday, and mostly in 2009, the newspaper alienated sections of TamilNadu which were keenly following the Eelam war with a shameless adulation of Rajapakse.

At the same time, the Times Of India came in and gave the Hindu a rude awakening.

With the stupor of losing everything, the Hindu has now become a nervous wreck, and its present editor has fallen to writing editorials such as these, in the hope of attracting the new readers.

The present editor has no way of reporting the facts, as he is desperate and is a wreck.

hence, he resorts to crony capitalism, the same practice that he derides.

The dude, siddharth varadarajan, will be knowing now that capitalism ain't easy, and losing what uve built up ain't easy too.

But, no capitalist ever resorted to such a immoral position as is peddled today by the Hindu.

For siddharth varadarajan, the CAG is god.

the poor fellow is afraid that if he criticises the CAG, HE HIMSELF WILL BECOME A POOR FELLOW.


so, never talk too big, siddharth varadarajan. do not ever again take some comparison of some computer you bought in the US when you were a student, and then pretend to know everything about telecom.

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