Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Deranged Acts Of The CAG

When the telecom ministry adopts a pro-active attitude and gets things moving, enabling quick decisions and implementations, the charge is that wider consultation was not done.

When the coal ministry goes through wide-ranging consultations and takes the required time for the process to be revised, the charge is that things were delayed interminably.

This kind of blind and uneducated allegations of the CAG, constitute an attack on democracy.

The Bharatiya Jokers Party now resorts to shouting and screaming.

The democracy in our country is in peril.

Is it the government that will take the required decisions after considering all the pros and cons, or do we have a super-body that will veto all the decisions of the government.

The supreme court, as a result of its flawed and condemnable decision of cancellation of the 2G licenses, has legalised the sheer deranged behaviour of the CAG, and has caused a big blemish to be stamped on itself.

The activities of the CAG, in cheating and distracting the progress of a nation, is the most dubious and spurious act in the history of our country, proving that independent regulators, such as the proposed lokpal, can run amok and fatally injure the nation.

The anti-national activities of the CAG have become a curse on this nation.

With the report on coal, the CAG has inevitable brought out the fact that it has a deranged person at its helm, proving that speciousness will be exposed in due time.

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