Saturday, August 25, 2012

Chidambaram can't escape political onus of 2G decisions: BJP

These are the comments

Dasarahti J from Chennai, comments,   All scamsters can now celebrate. It is for an individual outside the system to investigate a cabinet minister and prove he is guilty since even the supreme court wont ask CBI to do this work or bring a guilty person to the witness stand. Corruption and scams can now bloom and spread while we will watch on helplessly. Most disgusting judgement This looks like courts want corruption.............

RP from Chennai comments,
Absolutely!!! And PC is going to pay the price of this political and moral culpability by losing his deposit if he fights election again in 2014. The whole of TN is boiling and waiting to trounce this corrupt and criminal-minded leader who thinks that a SC judgement would exonerate him from all sins. He's only had the verdict from SC where judges and lawyers are bought, evidences and witnesses are doctored. He has not faced the people's court where it's raw justice and he'll get one for sure and he will be left licking his wound forever. Jai Hind!!!

Sun from Bangalore comments, I now know even Supreme court can make mistake...

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