Monday, July 23, 2012

who is the most utter failure in Indian politics

the bjp has been certified as a dead party, dead as it has been since 2009, but the most failed party is the communists, how many ever parties they have in their midst.

the biggest failure as a leader in Indian politics can be certified as Prakash Karat. where is this fellow? he is not seen anywhere.

in the vacuum created by the exit of the BJP, the imbeciles of the anna hazare group have moved in and been doing their pedestrian exploits.

the youth of the country, who have no attractions in the utter dinosaurus of the INC, are waiting to be tapped by some force.

but, what do the communists do?

they do not do anything.

they can learn from the DMK about how an opposition party replenishes itself when not in power.

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