Monday, July 23, 2012


regular drinkers with jobs such as painting or other labour-intensive jobs can be seen gulping the cutting and then spitting in the corners.

the young and educated have taken to following them. the primary behaviour is spitting in all the directions in a 180 degree radius to the side of one's seating.

we know that dogs have a way of urinating. we never knew that Tamil youngsters needed to spit freely to prove that they belong in TASMAC.

these are not human beings anymore.

the Tamil youngsters have no thoughts about how the world functions and idealism.

all of the thoughts of Tamil teenagers and those in their twenties is about the dialogue and the actions of whatever is peddled on the screen.

The Tamil youth is dead. they discuss movies, mouth the dialogues and sing the songs, that are shown in movies.

when they visit TASMAC,  they spit all around.

this is TamilNadu of 2010+.

and all of them think disparagingly of the DMK.

that means that they have become grown-ups.

in between the latest movie attraction with its latest cult dialogues, these fellows and girls have developed the dinamalar disease.

people with this disease will prove dailyt, unerringly, that they are idiots, and feel that they live a great life.

a dog lives a more honest and disciplined life.

it does not spit where it inhabits.

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