Thursday, July 19, 2012

two sentences in THE HINDU article that cancel each other

1---A quarter century on, the most striking feature of the attempt to revive it (TESO) is its incongruity in the current political context.

2---Sinhala nationalism is at a historic peak and the great international hope that if Prabhakaran was removed from the picture, the scene would be conducive for ethnic reconciliation has been tragically betrayed.

so, what does the writer think would be congruous.

the writer makes a statement, that can be associated with a person like the editor of dinamalar, or a admk dmdk cadre, or a character like thaa. pandian. 

the looseness of the statement reveals the new trend spotted in THE HINDU.

" A truthful summary of his stand over the last 30 years will be an unbroken record of flip-flops."

this statement needs to be cannot just make a statement like that.

the trend towards which THE HINDU is moving is to consider  some so-called general opinion among the section of population that is not politically aware or politically educated, and synchronise itself with that line of thought.

what this means is that the vagaries of the fickle, the small talk, the ones who are not involved in contributing to society, those who have no idea of social ideals....the thoughts of this section are parasited by the so-called media, which then continues to generate revenues and keep its job and hearths. 

it is sad but true. that, in today's world, of facebook and batman, what generates money can not be trifled with.

hence, THE HINDU  writes about the greatest scam since independence and unbroken record of flip-flops.

also, the writer tries to be impartial, and tries to equate jayalalitha with kalaignar.

anybody who tries to do that can be certified as a greenhorn. the intention to bring in some   impartiality collapses with a thud.

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