Thursday, July 19, 2012

never came of age

for all the great delusion that we have become a modern society, and that we are evolving into a great new level, the naked truth is that who has the money wants to utilize it to gain control over others.

the americans, with all their money, and the chinese, with all the new money, are behaving as if, money needs to be used to gain stature and a long reach. the opposite would seem to be true. when you have lots of money, it means that you have acquired a technology, a means of production, a way to efficiency, and hence, you must possess a confidence about your ability and potential in attracting collaborators and being successful.

however, both the US and China are behaving in the reverse mode. they are behaving as if they desperately need to have supporters for their good run to last.

this reveals a predilection towards the thought that things can only get worse.

what this means is a thorough failure to evaluate and use the human brain, and try to grow with what is under one's control, instead of trying to seek to control everything.

the sinhalese are revealing to the world, that it is not possible to be victorious and humble at the same time. the godforsaken sad sinhalese are going about doing everything that they did in the sixties and seventies.

when they are brought to their senses, it will be a blow so hard and sudden, that they will wish they were extinct.

in this world, anybody can be forgiven, except for the proud and rapacious winner.and nature gives lessons and a chance to everyone to savour the victory in the light of the struggle during the journey.

are there any lessons learnt.

the whole world seems to have learnt nothing.

when someone gets money, they set about to thinking that it is their era.

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