Thursday, July 12, 2012

the plummeting quality of THE HINDU

the writer of the article says,

Mr. Behura, who had earlier also served under Mr. Raja, joined the DoT on January 1, 2008. Within 10 days, on January 10, 2008, after Mr. Behura’s approval on file, Mr. Raja illegally granted 122 Letters of Intent (LoIs) with linked 2G spectrum at 2001 rates which, the CAG’s estimates say, caused a revenue loss of Rs. 1.76 lakh crore.

this is trash and nothing else.

if the newspaper is reporting something, then it must report properly.

if it is giving an informed analysis, then it must analyse properly and present its analysis.

what we are getting is a pathetic neither here nor there, and it reflects the state of affairs of the editor of the newspaper. this editor, when he himself was just a writer, had resorted to bravado and bombast, while reporting on the 2g issue.

now, as the editor, it is turning into a joke, as the paper has no stance. it turns out that THE HINDU has tripped on itself and gone and landed into the fouled-up cooum.

standing up, drenched in muck, the editor, siddharth varadarajan, has decided to have some company, in the form of the writer of the article, shalini singh.

we really have to pity this writer.

it is quite easy to guess that siddharth varadarajan personally read the article and added the word illegally.

factually, or educatedly, in neither sense, does the usage of the word make sense.

we really have to pity the editor too.

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