Wednesday, April 11, 2012

why should the tamils continue to exist

they do business as they have done for ages, but now they own lands that are worth crores, they drive around in the latest automobiles designed in america, japan and germany. they live an air conditioned existence. they are industrialists.

they have allowed a brahmin woman to rewrite their history.

as these tamils have started loving their life, they are afraid that things might not continue in the same vein throughout.

so, what they do is, they go and surrender to the brahmins. these brahmins tell them everything, when to do what, how to do what, which temple to go to negate some bad fate, what to name their children, everything.

in the process, anyone who tells that in their past, they lived, worked, earned, with the principles of dignity, honour, fairplay, and morality, is seen as a fool, who does not know the joys of the good life.

do such a people, who have mortgaged themselves to greed, who are afraid of their own people, as they strive for wealth, need to exist at all.

the tamils have no standards, no morals, no set of beliefs, no ways of life.

they have no history, no heritage, no culture, no past.

all they have is the brahmin, ashtami,navami,and the brahmin to chant something.

these tamils do not know what the brahmin utters at their marriages, house and office inaugurations. but they need the brahmin anyway.

just under a 100 years ago, the brahmins had declared that tamil should not be learnt and that tamil should not be sung.

after their language was retrieved and after their honour was restored, these tamils made some progress.

today, these tamils mock those who acted to retrieve their language and culture, and are flocking to the brahmin.

these tamils of today are proud that they are grasping all the religious utterings and the sheer crap that the brahmins fashioned and continue to fashion.

they ridicule those who point them to their glorious culture.

they represent the greatest height of shamelessness achieved by any set of human beings.

any tamil who celebrates april 13 as tamil new year does not deserve to continue to live. if it is a sizeable number, then the state needs to be wrecked and destroyed by the force of nature.

do such a people need to exist, they have no idea that they are turning inhuman, that they are moving away from humanity into animals, animals that are full of fear and greed.

such an animal existence is what has come upon them, as they forget that they have brains, which can be used rationally to make decisions.

such an animal existence needs a brahmin to chant some mantras, no matter whatever those mantras mean.

the tamils of 2012 represent failed human beings. they have no reason to be existent.

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