Friday, April 13, 2012

are there any other fools similar to the tamils

the tamils have no part in the developments made by american, european and middle-eastern societies. they have not achieved any reasoned thinking or progress. they do not have the forums or societies where they can philosophize or contemplate. they do not have any structures where they can debate and resolve the questions that human beings are confronted with from time to time.

all their thinking is about how to find a way to rid oneself of misfortune, which can only but befall a people who are full of jealousy and who have lost honesty and humility.

all their thinking revolves around which astrologer to consult, so that he can guide them to a suitable temple, which they will proceed to visit with the most sincere discipline.

the tamils have lost the capacity to use their brains to solve their problems.

they will even use google and facebook to find astrologers. if the astrologer is a brahmin, then the tamils are supremely happy.

that is the search of the tamils of 2012 in this world. they are in search of astrologers. the entire pursuit of life. once the right astrologer is located, all the questions of life are resolved. the search of life is over.

and then, they will worship anything, that the astrologer asks them to worship. elephant, monkey, rat, snake, anything for money, that is the thinking of the tamil people.

only mother nature knows why such a people are existent.

all they want right now is money, with which they go out and eat, consume with supreme joy. they also drink, and eat chicken,mutton, in airconditioned rooms. all their needs are satisfied with the money they possess.

they have no time to think, they are listening to some catchy songs at any and every moment when they are not needed to work.

all other remaining time is spent at temples, where all of one's wishes are presented to the deity, be it human or animal.

anybody seen as indulging in thinking and contemplating is seen as a fool. any thought, laudable or not, is condescendinly accepted by these tamils, if it is presented in the format of a movie picture, with accompanying music.

beyond that, these tamils are stupefied by the good life, money, music, songs, food, travel.

can one of them go to america, britain, russia, egypt or iraq and tell people there what their calendar should be. but, they do not feel the least shame in allowing a brahmin woman to decide their calendar for them.

they hop on to their cars, and go to revel, these diseased tamils.

the tamils have no sense of nationhood. most of them are diseased with hatred against their own fellow tamils, as they are not able to consider some speakers of the language as peers or equals.

some of these tamils feel they are superior to these other fellow tamils.

these same superior-feeling section of the tamils have no compunction in working for american or european firms, which represent the collaboration of mesopotamian, egyptian, greek and roman legacies.

after getting good salaries, these tamils go to the temples that they patronize, and pray for the well-being of their families, so that they are able to continue using all the gadgets developed by the other societies of the world. from the flush toilet, to the fan, to the television, to the airconditioner, to construction techniques, to automobiles, and other facets of every inch, nook and cranny of their existence.

they also have astrologers who advise them on the influence of mars, and other planets.

all of their valour, bravery, consists of attacking a rival in a ratio of 10:1 and killing the rival. this is the bravery of the tamils of 2012. they go about like a group of animals that kills prey.

this facet can be attributed to the entry of the vijayanagar kingdom, which toppled the traditional structures, and led to new elites, who had the backing of government behind them.

though the tamils went to war all over the country, they had no reason to stay back and govern. the vijayanagar kingdom, however, seemed to have reason, to stay back and govern.

the disease of brahminism had taken root a good 100 years back before the vijayanagar empire, leading to the destruction of the tamil land, exposing it to outside powers.

it will be unbelievable that just about a thousand years back, these tamils had literature where they were proud of dying from a wound inflicted on the chest. such a people have now been reduced to hating each other and going in gangs of 20:1 and killing a rival.

if these are not the end days for the tamils, then what are.

they have been rendered hopeless in their own land.

it is a sad story. the tamils have lost it, by not realising, that in the last 900 years, they have given up secularism for superstition.

some of these tamils also have the cheapest attitude seen anywhere in the world, where they expect respect from a fellow tamil, just on the basis of possessing wealth, and another unique thing, which is position.

these tamil fools have taken to heart something told by the brahmins that they are superior than some other fellow language-speakers. they did not understand that this was 'divide and rule'.

these tamil fools go to their temples with the utmost devoutness, the splendid bliss, and excellent feeling, and come out and board their western-designed automobiles and move about with satisfaction.

allowing that their lands were earned by their enterprise, the most humorous attitude observed in these fools, is that they do not want others to exhibit enterprise.

in short, these tamil fools, want their lands, as well want others to remain landless.

these others might go to foreign countries and generate the cash required to buy lands. then, these shameless fools turn into the lowliest creatures, and do not want to appreciate the enterprise of the rest of the people.

they have been turned into the most despicable creatures on this earth by their subscription to the texts of the brahmins.

this subscription has resulted in these tamils prizing wealth and position above life.

in their pride, they forget that the armies of tamil rulers, consisting of everyone in the tamil land, achieved victories, only because they were united, only because they had a system, a structure, an organization, where justice was supreme, where truth was god.

it was among these very tamils that one of their kings died an instant death after realizing that he had ordered an execution without proper enquiry.

the feeling of grief that that pandian king felt represented  the kind of moral thinking that ran through the tamils till some nine hundred years ago.

the tamils of 2012 have no world-view, no inclination to think progressively, make no attempt to devise universal results for all of their people.

the tamils are the depth of shamelessness in this world. they will not think, not act with their brains.

all they want is the money. they will earn and then they will gloat over the wealth and position achieved by their extended clan. they will act with arrogance and pride when they move about in their societies, exhibiting all their gold and all their automobiles.

they go to the temples and are proud of special attention bestowed on them by the priests.

it is amazing that the tamils are existing in this world, diseased as they are, rotting as they are.

the only reason that they are existent is for the rest of humanity to marvel that such a people were existent, doing nothing but eating, consuming, while the rest of humanity considers the issues facing the world.

the rest of the world has devised christianity and islam. some parts of the world have accepted buddhism.

all along, there were a people, who did not have the capability to achieve anything, who did not have the potential to think, but, who were eating and consuming all the while.

this will lead to amazement in the rest of the peoples of the world.

of course, the group of people going by the name of hinduism are also exhibiting the same traits.

but, the tamils are the most amazing lot, because they have also contributed exemplarily to the world in the past, they were also in touch with the roman civilisation, but somehow, within a span of nine hundred years, have become diseased and rotten, where they have lost the ability to think.

they are under the absolute control of a tribe called the brahmins, that ensures that the tamils remain diseased and rotted.

the pinnacle of this control, is that a brahmin woman is their chief minister now, and she has set about to ensure that whatever progress was made in ridding themselves of the disease of brahminism, is reversed, and the disease stays firmly put.

either, the tamils will be vandalised by nature, or they will be cured of the disease.

eppadi irundha naam ippadi aaghivittom.

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