Wednesday, April 4, 2012

why has India begun to fail

the supreme court judges have stopped interpreting the matters before them in the light of the written law. an auditor of the central government has taken it upon himself to fashion fancy advisories to the rulers. The media cannot point out the glaringly obvious to the people. the opposition does not have a backbone but is a parasite of the media. the media does whatever it can to sell itself. the opposition is a parasite creature sitting on top of this media, without any capacity to put itself where it belongs, as the other side of the government.

now, on top of all of this, the army chief has started to use this media.

this is the beginning of the failure of this country. when all institutions want to govern, as some individuals have created a picture of governmental failure, in their quest of establishing a police/dictatorial/vedic/mutt-ordained state.

it is amazing that these individuals wanted to think that they were destined to steer/bypass the forward movement of a country according to their individual whims and wants. in another age, they would have been executed summarily.

utilizing the freedom available in a democracy and the assumption of good intentions, these few people have begun to place themselves in the position of the makers of the democracy.

the prime accused are arvind kejriwal, subramanian swamy and prashanthn bhushan.

what they have given rise to is disorder and chaos in the hearts and minds of citizens, and triggered foolishness in other arms of the structure.

the first arm to decay and die was the CAG which spat into the air in gay abandon and received the spittle straight on its face.

the next to go was the supreme court, when it decided to have a bit of revelry, an impulsive move to throw everything into the winds, by cancelling telecom licenses, and now, further descending into revelry, by not understanding the most basic error that it has condemned a minister on the basis of some thing produced before it, without asking the minister concerned about the matter.

is this a supreme court? these are the pinnacle of failures in the history of the world. these are the so-called judges, who pronounce judgement on the basis of complaints, who do not have the wherewithal to go deep into an issue. who pronounce something and shut themselves from any good counsel, as they are supposed to be judges.

this moment of the cancellation of the 2g licenses is when India made an uturn and started descending.

the downhill slide has been accelerated with the army chief wanting some revelry of his own.

in the karnataka assembly, which bears the slogan, government work is god's work, the members do not have the sense of the job that they have taken up.

the word kejriwal will become a synonym for killing progress, the word bhushan will become a synonym for going somewhere with no idea and no aim but for some petty advancement. bedi will become a synonym for making a fool of oneself, like, 'do not make a bedi of yourself'. subramanian swamy's religion will die an instant death. this is what we need at the moment, if we are to stay together as a nation. what we need is a tsunami moment of nature.

until then, what we need to remember is the beer ad at champions league games.


do not go on a deranged spree like arvind kejriwal, prashanth bhushan, subramanian swamy, vinod rai, ak ganguly etc.

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