Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the general's letter

in public affairs, there are a billion interactions, million decisions, tens of thousands of rivalries and enmities, thousands of aspirants, hundreds of claimants, tens of ministers and under ten supreme individuals.

this system is refreshed every five years with the thoughts of about 1000 million of us citizens.

Into this beautiful and brilliant civilisation came in ten scoundrels who are better described as bastards, under the banner of team anna.

these scoundrels were exemplified by the prime scoundrel who goes by the name of arvind kejriwal.

the other noted scoundrel was kiran bedi, and there was prashanth bhushan, who also forms part of a scum duo along with subramanian swamy.

heading these scoundrels was the no 1 scoundrel called anna hazare.

the general and the minister seem to have entered a game which they will play for a while and then stop when they realise that the game has to be stopped.

the general is in no way, it is extremely tragic that we have to put the two together in one sentence, is in no way even remotely or any other way, comparable to the fount scoundrel, vinod rai, who is the CAG.

the general is having some fun, good-natured fun, probably good-intended fun, possibly much-needed action.

the general is telling us that in public affairs, you are killing yourself if you are distracted by scoundrel/bastards.

if the beggars of the electronic media need to beg from scoundrel/bastards, we need to find a way to allow them to do that somewhere in the sidelines.

what the general is telling us idiots is u have one joker called anna hazare breaking into and we had ten thousand of us idiots running behind that joker waving the national flag.

what the general is telling us is that some of us turned into idiots who flocked behind a fool called anna hazare.

what the general is telling us is that let us return to our public affairs as grown-up adults which we were brilliantly doing until the fount scoundrel vinod rai launched his scoundrel activity.

what the general is telling us is that do not pick up national flags and run behind scoundrels.

now that we know who the army chief is, let us ask everyone who the navy chief is and who the air force chief is. i do not know them, neither do i think 90 percent of us know them. but, we know the names of all the scoundrels.

hence, we find that ex-chiefs are lining up wanting to speak on tv, so that they will be known at least now, to us citizens.

while finding out who leaked the letter, it should also be found out as to who leaked the radia tapes.

all said and done, it is assumed that the general and the minister were playing their game within the rules.

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